Our services

Conference & Trainings

We provide strategic corporate business events which are conceived after in-depth research, and with the input of qualified experts and industry practitioners. Our events provide a cutting-edge platform to stimulate business growth quickly and effectively, by ensuring the provision of quality & integral program information, and by ensuring an atmosphere of functional and competent networking opportunity & exchange of ideas. Our Exhibitions and conferences are structured to connect the right clients with the right product & services. Our platform includes suitable opportunities for decisive decision making and mutually beneficial networking. Everything is designed to do business and close deals!

Certification Programs & Recruitment

SRS Insights global outsource work's with Governments and the private sectors in Information Security placements and Training and plans to place a wide range of executive & Junior positions towards IT security which will includes Cyber Security, Block-Chain professionals, Data Scientist, Data Engineers, Data engineer for deep learning, Database administrators, Software Developers, Web Developer, Computer Systems Analysts, Mobile App Developers, Market Research Analyst, Information Security Analyst, Full-stack developer, Computer vision engineer, Devops, Network Engineers, CRM Certified managers, CISO/ISO or Director of Security, Computer Crime Investigator, Cloud Security, Cloud engineer, Cloud Management, Robotics, Mobile Computing, programmers, project managers, AI & Machine Learning, Machine learning engineer, Network analyst, Digital Transformation and others

events management

At SRS Insights, we listen to you! With our help, you can design your meeting with confidence. Whatever your goals, our tailor-made solutions and services will help you meet them From agenda creation and design, delegate acquisition, exhibition and sponsorship acquisitions, on-site and post-event management services, SRS Insights offers a wide range of PCO solutions. Our tailor-made solutions & services will help you meet all your event management goals Tell us what your passion and ambition is and let us turn it into profit.