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SRS- Insights has a team of experts to professionally support, back up and develop different security systems continuously for all the government and private entities. This team provides the following services to all the users: Training, Integration, Administrative and Technical Consultation, Applications Deployment, and Enhancements.

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Background Information security has extended to include several research directions like user authentication and authorization, network security, hardware security, software security, and data cryptography. Information security has become a crucial need for protecting almost all information transaction applications. Security is considered as an important scientific discipline whose many multifaceted complexities deserve the synergy of the computer science and engineering communities. Recently, due to the proliferation of Information and Communication Technologies, information security has started to cover emerging topics such as cloud computing security, smart cities’ security, and privacy, healthcare and tele-medicine, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) security, the Internet-of-Vehicles security, and several types of wireless sensor networks security. In addition, information security has extended further to cover not only technical security problems but also social and organizational security challenges. Traditional systems’ development approaches were focusing on the system’s usability where security was left to the last stage with less priority. However, the new design approaches consider a security-in-design process where security is considered in the early phase of the design process. The newly designed systems should be well protected against the available security attacks. Having new systems such as IoT or healthcare without enough security may lead to a leakage of sensitive data and, in some cases, life-threatening situations. Taking the social aspect into account, security education is a vital need for both practitioners and system users. Users’ misbehavior due to a lack of security knowledge is the weakest point in the system security chain. The users’ misbehavior is considered as a security vulnerability that may be exploited for launching security attacks. A successful security attack such as distributed denial-of-service attack will impose incident recovery cost in addition to the downtime cost.

These are just some representative examples to illustrate the diversity and importance of a broad understanding of security issues across the wide range of information processing tasks encountered in the modern world.

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